Book Club #1

Long time no see!

With the holidays and a busy season at work (a full post about my day job coming soon!), I've been neglecting this little place. Even my camera doesn't see as much action during these cold Ohio/Indiana days, but I still have some photo goodness to share with you soon.

Until then, here is a little insight into what I've been up to lately.

My roommate and I don't have a TV in our sweet little apartment--- instead we have an awesome record player, so we jam out on vinyl while we wash the dishes. We also have limited Internet due to the location of our apartment, so we minimally surf the World Wide Web.

You might be thinking "what in the world do you do with your free time?"

Well, I read!

Reading has been a huge part of my life ever since I was born. My dad was a high school English teacher (MY high school English teacher.. twice), my mom was a 1st Grade teacher and now she is a Reading Recovery teacher, my sister is a middle school Language Arts teacher, and my Grandma and Gramie have been sharing book titles with me ever since I can remember. 

In college, I could barely keep up with my assigned reading. Wittenberg did not mess around when it came to reading and writing papers. I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I did indeed read a textbook cover to cover on a few occasions over my 4 years at Witt. Needless to say, I wasn't able to make my own reading selections very often. Except for that one time when I reread the entire Harry Potter series in a three month span before the 7.1 movie came out.. but hey, priorities!

After graduation, I was finally able to tackle my growing stack of "need to read" books. I can honestly say that I would recommend ALL seven of the titles I have finished to date.


(Starting from the desk up..)

1. Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah: Ok, I know Kristin Hannah writes a lot of books, BUT I can assure you  this one is by far her best.  It is the most beautiful depiction of friendship and life. I've recommended this book to several people and they have all had the same connection to this book as I have. My girl Alex takes all credit for sending this title my way. Warning: you will shed tears. Lots and lots of tears. (And if you knew me really well, you'd know that I rarely cry. Yet books seem to be my weakness.)

2. Fly Away by Kristin Hannah: Well, after you ready Firefly Lane, you will NEED some closure. Fly Away was just published this summer, so it's fresh and a solid sequel to its beloved Firefly Lane. Warning: you will cry, but definitely not as hard as before.

3. Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham: Growing up a huge Gilmore Girls fan, I have been convinced for some time now that Lauren Graham can do now wrong. So, when she wrote a book, I had to read it. It was the perfect read for a girl who had just graduated college and had her whole life ahead of her. Lauren Graham is witty and hilarious and real in her debut novel. 

4. Same Kind of Different As Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore with Lynn Vincent: Sweet mercy. This is a compelling memoir of two men who are complete opposites. One is a rich art dealer trying to find the meaning of faith, the other is a homeless man trying to find his way back to goodness. I read the last half of this book on my 4 hour plane out to Oregon and stifled my tears the entire time. (I'm so glad the lady next to me was asleep.) 

5. Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant by Veronica Roth: Drop what you're doing (reading my blog) and go to your nearest book store and buy all three. Ok, good you're back! If you enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy, you should fall in love with these as well. Roth is a young writer (barely older than me) who wrote the majority of these books while she was in college and grad school. What a BOSS! If you enjoy thrilling suspense interlaced with beautiful relationships, you will NOT be able to put these down. One night, I had about half of Insurgent finished. It was midnight, so I set the book down, turned the light off, and went to sleep. After about a minute, I turned the light back on and spent 3 more hours finishing the book. True story. Stock up on sleep before you start this series! (Sidenote: The Divergent movie comes out at midnight on 3.20/3.21, so feel free to join me as I celebrate my 23rd birthday at the premiere of this sensational film.)


If you have anyone in your life who likes to read, all of these books would make great Christmas presents or stocking stuffers. I know I am always hoping to find a few new books under the Christmas tree with my name on them!


I hope your December is off to a wonderful start! I have a few holiday posts coming your way soon. 


Stay warm,




P.s. At the rate in which I read, I hope to share titles of book recommendations frequently! I've already finished two since I planned this post. Book Club #2 coming soon!