Craig & Christina

One thing I know to be true is that some of the best relationships in life are those formed on the sideline of a football field. 

At least in my life, I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

When your dad coaches high school football for the majority of your life, you meet several kind, funny, compassionate, competitive, football loving people. (I basically grew up with one dad and about 20 uncles and 75 big brothers always watching over me. And yes, this lasted through the duration of my high school days. But no, I'm not complaining one bit.)

The first 18 years of my life revolved around football season.

And it was the best

Team Houser was whole heartedly adopted into the Snider Football Family. And that family gave me Miss Ehle-Fails and Coach Fails, for which I am beyond thankful.

I definitely would have met Christina (Snider's athletic trainer) eventually, thanks to my addiction to acquiring injuries, but I'm so thankful for our days and nights spent on the sideline starting when I was 9 years old, about three and a half feet tall, and filled to the brim with sass.

Over a decade later and I'm still blessed  to have these wonderful people in my life. 

I admire you two so much. You are beautiful. Your marriage is beautiful. And  your new home that blows HGTV out of the water is beautiful.

Thank you for all that you have done for the Houser family over the past 15 years!

Keep enjoying that downtown living. Just send word when you need me to warm up the Murphy bed. 






P.s. Wave the flag for Snider High School...