Andy | 2015

Ladies and Gents.

Let's kick off the 2015 Senior season in the best way possible.

This is Andy.

Andy is family.

Andrew George is the first of my Heminger cousins whose birth I can remember. This dude was born in January in a suburb of Chicago and I vividly remember going to visit him in the hospital after he was born. (Twas the year all the grandkids got super cool luggage from Gramie and Papa...mine was purple and pink, naturally.) I can also remember many fun summers spent in Downers Grove, IL with my sister and cousins playing Backyard Baseball in the basement, jamming to Sugar Ray, and walking to the park down the street from their home.

I'm not completely sold on this whole getting older thing, let alone watching my cousins grow up so fast.

BUT at least they keep growing into cool, awesome, and kind people. 


Keep throwin down on the soccer field. Remember your older cousin taught you everything you know. I'm sure all those mini soccer sessions in the backyard back in the early 2000's are really paying off. 

Love ya dude,



P.s. To anyone wondering why he is smiling and laughing so much in all these photos...

let's  just say that's a family secret. 


Oh, and some things never change..