Adelyn | 2017

This friendship was ordained by the heavens.

That's without question.

I'm honored, humble, and grateful that God saw fit to weave our stories together so closely.

We've built a precious friendship on the Psalms, ice cream, porch swings, snail-mail, grocery stores, tennis matches, watercolors, prayers, tears, and a lot of joy.

Add is unlike any other 18 year old you've ever met. Her life is a sweet melody of grace, courage, kindness, and resiliency. And that's before you've heard her sing or play the piano/guitar/ukulele.

We had so much fun traveling to some sacred places to grab these photos. 

Then again, any time spent with Addie is full of light and joy.

My Girl Add,

I treasure our friendship and all the ways you've changed my life for the better.

I'm so proud of you and I'm proud to be your friend.

Thanks for loving me and for letting me take your senior photos.

Your best days are ahead of you. And I can't wait to witness them.

With love,