Michael | 2017


I have so much to share. I've had my camera in my hand more in the past 4 months than in the past 2 years, and I'm so grateful to be steadily creating. 

Tonight, I'm showing off my family (again!) and the 4th senior photo session with a cousin on my mama's side of the family.

I only have one cousin left after this one, so I'm soaking up the honor of documenting the lives of my favorite people.

This is my cousin, Michael. He is a rock star and a future engineer who is off to Virginia Tech in just a few short weeks. 

We took a walk through downtown Fort Wayne over Easter Weekend and grabbed these gems on an unseasonably warm day. Shout out to my hilarious aunts/assistants for their inspiration and photo shoot playlist. And my baby cousin has now tagged along for two shoots, so I know she'll be ready when her time comes around in a few years. 

Family is oh so important. 

Take a road trip, book the plane ticket, pick up the phone, mail a letter. Do ALL the things to show your family how much you love them.

Cheers to you, Michael!

Make us proud at VT. Go HOKIES!